Getting To Know Your Hiking Backpacks

The drive on Freeway 1 from Large Sur to Bodega Bay covers just two hundred miles and takes about five to six hours, assuming no stops alongside the way. I think that this storied extend of road -- with its elegant vistas, laid-back again towns, and offbeat points of interest -- is best traveled slowly and savored.

Probably the first piece of gear individuals think about is a tent. They run the whole gamete of designs and whistles and bells. I can't inform you which is the much better one, but I can offer some advice from my backpacking days.

I would recommend heading to a campsite fairly close to house (within one-2 hours) for your initial trip. That way if something too terribly incorrect happens, then you can just generate home. Its usually good to get some suggestions on places to go from some of your buddies that are experienced campers. They will probably know some great places to go for your initial camping trip.

The chances of seeing wildlife while camping is very good in Glacier National Park. With the remote nature of the park, wildlife abounds. Some of the wildlife that is encountered on a fairly regular basis would include: Mountain goats, bighorn sheep, white tailed & mule deer, moose, elk, black bear, and even the occasional grizzly bear. Most hikers choose to carry bear spray, just in case they startle a grizzly bear. Obviously smaller sized mammals this kind of as squirrels and gophers abound as nicely. Numerous more info species of birds can be discovered as nicely for these hikers interested in bird watching.

Set up camp in the correct places. Hilltops are windy and cold, and chilly air also fills valleys at night. Degree ground somewhere in between, out of the wind, is very best.

Weight loss suggestion August: Drink much more water. The best time to start a drinking water habit is when it is scorching outside. Invest the month of August obtaining your water usage up to eight glasses a working day.

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